Access the Coral World Park in the comforts of your home, from anywhere in the world thru a hyper-realistic “Digital Twin” Metaverse which will bring you to an immersive world of white sand beaches, hidden lagoons, caves and coves while enjoying it’s various amenities with family and friends as you travel together thru your Avatars.

The CWP Metaverse is powered by our our sister organization, the Avatar Ark Artificial Intelligence Ltd. company where you can secure succession protocols for your family and loved ones to ensure your instructions are carried out thru the generations. Besides our Offshore Financial Center (OFC) which is the centerpiece of our Metaverse, other destinations include our marinas, shopping districts, discovery & sports centers and art museums besides various residential enclaves.

Our individual and corporate members can also enjoy our meetings, exhibitions and conferences center located 20-feet below sea level in an “undersea” environment. Once you obtain approval to apply for membership, you will be sent a link to complete and instructions on how you can access our Metaverse after you receive our membership card.

Metaverse Membership Form.

Please fill up the form below to complete security clearance and activate cryptocurrency wallet for your membership card. Cards are available in digital format and an optional physical card upon request. Memberships are available only thru Religious Order representatives in the EU / US / UAE.